GTA Spano Test in Monaco

GTA Motors is an exclusive car manufacturer based in Valencia. It produces high performance cars. Their new high performance car is called the GTA Spano.

Imagine. A V10 engine borrowed from the Dodge Viper developing 820 horses ranging from 0 to 100km / h in 3 seconds! Top speed is 350 km / h.

You may ask … Is it really possible?

It comes with the experience and time, over 30 years of hard work of Mr. Domingo Ochoa, the director, in the automotive industry. He knows how to build a super car. Moreover, the car is fabricated from a mixture of carbon fiber, Kevlar and titanium.

Finally, the engine has a Viper, but in GTA Motors, they felt that it appeared to be not powerful enough, so they confided this part of work to the famous Italian engineer descendant from the milieu of Formula 1 in order to give more energy to the new car.
During the Top Marques, I had the honor to meet Mr. Ochoa personally and be a passenger of GTA Spano in Monaco.

First, the pilot of GTA Motors got a normal course driving around Monaco streets and circled the Grimaldi Forum, but once we entered the tunnel, he put the pedal on fire, and … it was amazing!

It took us less than 3 seconds to reach 160 km / h. I’m sure that everybody around heard the thunder of the new GTA Spano.

If you are eager to meet and discover their GTA Motors masterpiece, you can contact Mr Victor Fuster

Tel: (+34) 96 164 01 23

Do not expect too much, they will produce only about 99 copies!

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