Interview with Hubert Schué – Director of VIP Conduite

interview vip conduiteIn this article you will find an exclusive interview with the director of VIP Driving, the luxury driving school.  VIP Driving travels everywhere and especially in Monaco, for the greatest privilege of its clients.  With a little luck, you will surely come across their cars on the Monegasque roads.

What is your concept?

My concept is to coach people who want to attain their driving license in France by offering them unique training.  We take care of all the administrative procedures, courses are at the client’s home or in other places according to their convenience and driving can be done in top of the range vehicles chosen by the client.

We also offer courses for people who have lost their confidence in driving or who have concerns with their vehicles.

In addition, we offer courses to all foreigners who come to live in France in order to legalise their license and gain knowledge of European regulations.  They do in fact need to obtain a French driving license.

Why create a luxury driving school?

It is an innovative concept.  There is a clientele with a high purchasing power who do not want to be forced to attend classes in a traditional driving school.  They want to have classes for when they are available, the driving school must adapt to their schedule, not vice versa.  Finally, they need to learn how to drive their future car!

What is your background?

I have been a driving instructor for 28 years and at present I manage three traditional driving schools. Passionate about cars, I regularly organise racing.  I therefore have a dual ability, instructor and driver.

Describe a typical day?

As with everything that is ‘à la carte’ and following the wishes of the customer, it is always going to be different.  It may be accelerated training in a traditional driving school vehicle, or learning to drive a luxury car such as a Bentley, Rolls Royce or Ferrari.

What is the minimum time required to obtain a French driving license with VIP Driving?

The minimum amount of time is a month and a half.  But this period may extend depending on the administrative work done by the prefecture.

What do you offer for foreigners?

Coaching for the comprehension of French and European traffic rules.

Where do you travel?

Wherever the customer wishes.  France, but also abroad.

Finally, what do you think of Monaco Prestige?

Monaco Prestige is directed by Matthieu and Jérémie who are very professional, responsive and efficient with their clients.  They are very attentive to the needs of clients and go after projects whilst maintaining an air of humour and friendliness which allows a healthy development.

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