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Pacific Monte Carlo

Located at the entrance of the glamorous and exclusive “Le Métropole” shopping centre, the Pacific Monte Carlo is a haven for atmosphere, music and love… Whether going for a drink or to eat, you will be won over.

With a large oak table “Monastère” and rows of tables along the bay window and bar, it is through its configuration that the restaurant reflects its values of friendliness, of dreams and of excellence…
The lounge, a veritable living room, offers a complete view of the location. Calm and quiet during the day, an authentic Artists Corner, is transformed into a musical paradise in the evening. It is here that a unique and diverse karaoke experience takes place every night with 55,000 international titles in their original version. Experience a karaoke dream for the duration of a song… Also boasting a terrace overlooking the corner of Mirabeau, an essential part of the F1 circuit. Pacific Monte Carlo is listed as a place to reconnect with culture, satisfy fantasies, feel strong emotions and use the senses for fatal freedom…

The Living is Easy

In a cosmopolitan location aimed at the nomads of the world, this restaurant offers an international menu with exceptional food; US grass fed free-grazing oxen, Mediterranean fresh fish and lobster prepared with South American, Mediterranean and Japanese culinary techniques.
A wide selection of wines and spirits offering the best wines from Bordeaux, Tuscany, South Africa, Australia and California is capable of satisfying the most refined of tastes. A unique place to relax for a shopping break, a romantic dinner or an onstage karaoke dream.

For more information on the Pacific experience, events and maps, please visit the website:
or contact them directly at +377 93 25 20 30 or

 Monaco Prestige highly recommends Pacific Monte Carlo for a drink, partying or simply to enjoy the high quality dishes.  You will also enjoy the magical smile of Cheryn and Fabien who will instantly make you feel at home.  Pacific Monte Carlo is a paradise, the atmosphere, the food and the music will transport you into a fantasy world.

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