Real Estate in The Luxury of Cap Ferrat

Cap Ferrat is an idyllic location set in the Côte d’Azur region of the South of France, where prestigious people from Charlie Chaplin to Somerset Maugham have kept their not so humble abodes in time gone by. With old historic villas that hold steps that trickle down to the sea, this divine area makes an essential part of the luxury real estate on the French Riviera.

The grand ambience of Cap Ferrat is certainly something to be discovered and is worth taking the time to explore. The famous faces of this area have never left this part of the world for very long and kept it as an exclusive retreat for their luxury lifestyles.

As a healthy retreat, there is a lot to do in this tiny bit of land that has old wooded landscapes, country paths and private beaches. However, the most enticing part of this area is that other well known beautiful coast lined locations are just a stones throw away. This means that there are plenty of unique calendar events to attend throughout every season. From the Rose Ball of Monte Carlo to the world famous film festival in Cannes, high society events have played an important role in developing Cap Ferrat is such an exclusive area.

The climate offers a variety of other summer past times for those who are looking for a quieter calendar. Indeed the superyachts, boutique shopping in Cannes or Monaco and sun drenched beaches and terraces provide enough entertainment for the long summer months.

So you will see that there is plenty to do on this part of the Côte d’Azur. If you are looking for an exclusive villa in Cap Ferrat you will come by all that you could ever imagine. If you desire one of these charming places in the vicinity of Cap Ferrat, then Carlton International offers bespoke and traditional interiors inside beautifully dressed villas and character properties that compliment this landscape with their own natural charm.

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