Serviced apartments: a new solution for your trips

Business travelers are used to long days of work and to be exhausted arriving at their hotel. They know they are not going to have the chance to appreciate the comfort of their home. This is why many serviced apartments have opened throughout the world. They offer a solution to people who need comfort that basically stays at home. They consist in furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays. Providing amenities for daily use they are very different from a simple hotel room. As an example, guests can use a kitchen so they do not need to go to the restaurant everyday. It makes them feel much better. For long terms stays, it is very appreciated. Businessmen who keep going from one city to another sometimes during weeks, or even months, need to feel like they will be home at night. It is a true psychological help for them.

Besides, serviced apartments can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms. If you add the money saved thanks to cooking « at home » instead of eating out at a restaurant, it can result in significant savings.

Although, there is a slight drawback: Booking such a room can take more time as some operators require a security deposit. Indeed, in this type of venue, there are amenities and furniture that could be damaged during the stay. Operators then need to act more like landlords and ask for a deposit.

To sum up, serviced apartments are more cost efficient and offer more space and facilities for guests.

This is why this growing activity offers concrete benefits for travelers. It will surely keep taking hotels’ market shares.

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