Located within the Hermitage Hotel Monte-Carlo, the Vistamar “sea view” is a Michelin star restaurant which focuses on seafood.

Authentic cuisine which blends simplicity and refinement perfectly together in a special venue.  The Vistamar has a refined and friendly state of mind, a cosy and Zen-like atmosphere. Outside there is a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea with a stunning panoramic view of the Monaco coastline.

The head chef, Joël Garault, humbly invites you to discover his culinary philosophy: product, taste, cooking.

« No more than three or four different items on the plate, each fish has its accompaniment; it is necessary that the proposed dish is tasted and understood by the client, » says the chef.

In addition to exceptionally high quality products, there is a desire to excel at all times in order to satisfy you on a daily basis.  The challenge is all the more difficult because the chef is consistently adapting to the day’s catch of fish.   

Joël Garault has made his passion, a space for expression, contact and exchange, through his love of food, “to please one’s guests one must also please oneself.  People have a special sensitivity, I am listening to them.”

An attentiveness to listen which is also shared by the other 42 chefs.  They work every day, in different sections of the restaurant at the Hermitage Hotel to satisfy all of your culinary needs.

Come and discover more of Vistamar: the « Limùn Bar » (based on snacks), the « Crystal Bar » (fine hotels dining). And, as always under the supervision of the Michelin starred Chef Joël Garault.

Photo credit: Monte Carlo SBM

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