Yachting in Monaco

Embark on a luxurious yacht, and live your dream.  Let yourself be carried along by the French Riviera, to the rhythm of the waves.  From Monaco to Saint-Tropez, your trip will leave you speechless.  The French Riviera to the starboard side, the horizon to the port side; the power and the right to dream lie ahead.

Imagine yourself aboard a Jeanneau Prestige boat, the power to tame the waves, splitting the oceans, seas separating at your leisure.  Now imagine yourself co

ntrolling the elements with a flick of your wrist.  By lowering the gear lever, you palpate something divine, and leave your mortal rank; you fly, above the waves.  Account of a sea trip from Monaco to Saint-Tropez.

By the Fontvieille port, something catches you.  Crossing the pontoon, chills take over you; you are privileged.  You leave the land and you settle into your sunbathing on the deck, and you let yourself be guided by the team aboard.  All are busy doing manoeuvres, doing the checks, lifting the anchor, leaning to the side and removing the last of the hanging boots on the rail.  The roar of engines is powerful, yet calm and restrained by the 3oo metre limit, as you leave the Principality in the most beautiful way.

Monaco’s skyscrapers are only distant memories, clinging to the rock.  You navigate a space of infinite freedom.  To the starboard side, the creeks of Cap Ferra and then the Bay of Villefranche, a haven where the sun caresses the sea.  The mythical Promenade des Anglais and its Palaces are quietly immersed into an incredible light, and finally the sandy beaches drift out of sight.

A swimming break just off Antibes, you are like a fish in water.  The crew offload two powerful jet skis, and you take control of these race cars of the sea.

Tired of racing with the dolphins, have a relaxing break on the bridge.  You are pampered from head to foot.  Your favourite champagne, your favourite music.  Your crew is at your service to make this your unsinkable Paradise.

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