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When traveling, hotels are a very important part of our journey. They allow us to rest after a long day of exploring, visiting, or even after numerous business meetings. No matter where, no matter when, luxury hotels make us dream. We all know the features of a luxury hotel: impeccable service, attention to detail, royal comfort, fine dining, etc. But do you know what makes boutique hotels so special? They offer a personalized service as well as a stylish and sophisticated setting. They are characterized by a unique architecture and sophisticated design that provides a sense of privacy.

To keep updated about the latest trends in the universe of these unique places a website gathers all the industry news. The main readers of the site are mostly professionals. However, even as an client and a boutique hotel aficionado, it is interesting to learn about the opening of a splendid hotel in Shanghai, London, New York or even Paris.

Just like Monaco Prestige brings you all you need to know about luxury in Monaco, Boutique Hotel News brings you all the information on the news of this exciting aspect of the luxury hotel industry: Boutique hotels.

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