Costa Events & Services: Private, top of the range services tailored to you

Costa Events & Services is there to serve you, all whilst offering a service of utmost quality. Attentive, meticulous and professional, Pedro Da Costa has launched a private, top of the range concierge service; you will no longer be able to do without it.

Having arrived in France with a degree in international marketing and starting off as a receptionist, Pedro Da Costa has, over time, acquired his experience and expertise in the concierge service on-the-job through working with various luxury hotels such as Le Métropole, The Fairmont and even the Cap Estel Hotel in Eze-sur-mer. It is only natural that this young man has turned to the concierge service, “I am very attracted to anything directly or indirectly related to the concierge service.”

As for the clients of Costa Events & Services? They maintain a rather affluent clientele who can afford the luxury of renting a yacht, a plane or a magnificent car on sudden impulse. However not only this, “I am there to find and bring what my clients cannot get without the necessary contacts” Costa explains.

Featuring multiple assets, his first and certainly most vital is Costa’s address book. Varied and comprehensive, Costa Events & Services has an effective, private network for unearthing the object or service of your desire.

Limited edition cars, concert tickets at the last minute or a table reservation for the most sought after restaurant of the minute; all this is done with the highest level of discretion.

Conscientious and determined, with a sense of dedication that is beyond comprehension, Pedro Da Costa is open to all requests, with an added extra- a way to make things happen in his own specific way. “My way of working changes from client to client, with an ability to adapt to any situation. I am very flexible and I very easily adapt myself to the personality of my clients,” reveals the young entrepreneur.

For an hour, a day or even a whole trip, the personalised service is there to accompany the client over the course of their moods and desires. Available every hour of everyday, Pedro Da Costa is one of those rare pearls that you only come across once in your life.

Philanthropist at heart, Pedro Da Costa loves nothing more than to be in contact with people. A quality which is too often neglected but which is nevertheless essential to this fine trade. “Before everything you must actually like the people and not just pretend to like them. Therefore I accompany the client, not only just delivering a product but by giving something extra- a piece of my personality” admits Costa. Respectful and committed to the secrecy that characterises this profession, all of your requests will be kept confidential.

Costa Events & Services offers all the more qualitative services through its second biggest asset: the beaming smile of the service provider. “For me the smile is the most important part of this job” Pedro Da Costa comments.

Finally, Pedro Da Costa who is an enthusiast of challenges makes himself as versatile as possible and possess all the right equipment for the job. The Costa Events & Services business also offers to manage your image and organise your private events, and in the latter area art would become his preferred ground.

Costa Events & Services:
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