Riviera Tutors

Riviera TutorsRiviera Tutors offers a bespoke, residential tuition service. Everyone has a different experience of education. Some brim with confidence in a classroom, whereas others withdraw into themselves.

People are too often labeled early on by teachers and peers, and the label can go unchallenged all the way up to university. Success means different things to different people.

Success for Riviera Tutors means bringing the best out of each individual student.  In terms of overcoming barriers, a place at Harvard for one may represent the same achievement as a GCSE pass for another.  We seek to take all our students to the next level, whatever that may be.

And we use the best tutors.  All have studied at elite universities, the majority at Oxford and Cambridge.  They have all gone above and beyond in their own academic careers, and understand the patience and persistence needed to succeed.  They will inspire and encourage in a way that is almost impossible to replicate in a classroom.  On top of this, we look for interesting and engaging characters that will make good company around the dinner table; personality and good communication skills are as important as brains and grades. Our tutors lead by example, and we ensure that the example they set is one of a confident, well-rounded individual.

Riviera Tutors has prepared students for Common Entrance, IGCSE, A-Level, IB, SATS, and for admission to top schools and universities. We cater for all abilities, from the high-flying’ so that there is a space between ‘the’ and ‘high-flying’, to those who may be struggling. Our approach is holistic; we have a rigorous recruitment procedure, and a proven record of success. Our residential tuition placements provide the individual attention, focus, inspiration and encouragement from experts that will bring the best out of your child.

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