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Maya Bay : Thai restaurant

Maya Bay MonacoIf you like Asian cuisine, Maya Bay is the benchmark for Thai food.  The restaurant is located on Boulevard Princesse Grace and offers valet parking to its customers. 

It is with the biggest secret of local culinary traditions that the head of Maya Bay formed, in Aisa, his Asian cuisine restaurant.  All dishes are prepared on site using fresh ingredients.

You will discover the great classics of Asian cuisine and, at the same time, revisited dishes that are unique and created specially by the chef.  Indulge yourself in Dim Sum, which are delicious Asian appetisers, served sweet or savoury.

Although Thai cuisine is known to be rather spicy, the Thai chef knows to moderate the dose of pepper so that the flavours of each dish can be fully appreciated.  Let yourself be surprised by the food, always cooked with the utmost respect for tradition and worthy of a cuisine with influences from Asia and Europe.

The pastry chef offers recipes for traditional Thai desserts, as well as a more personal selection.  Typical flavours such as mango or red tea can be found directly in many desserts.  For chocolate enthusiasts, dare to try the house classics, such as the Maya Sphère or the more full-bodied chocolate soufflé.  The best way to end your culinary journey to Maya Bay is no other than to enjoy one of the desserts.

Finally, Maya Bay is the exclusive distributor of Petrossian caviar in Monaco.  You will find the full range of caviar and smoked salmon that made the reputation of the famous Parisian house, exclusively at Maya Bay.  The Petrossian products are also broken down by the leaders of restaurants directly in their new recipes.

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