Travelodge: Revolutionary and prestigious tourism

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Who has never dreamed of finding yourself alone in the middle of an oasis, walking next to a volcano eruption or even sleeping on top of Mont Blanc, in a most unusual and luxurious environment? Today your wildest dreams will come true. With Travelodge, luxury tourism is reinvented and extraordinary travel is guaranteed … follow the guide.

Designed under the form of high quality secure life-sized tents, lodges which are detachable. They cater to both lovers of the wild world and adventurers in search of thrills. Travelodge offers private, exceptional and selective tourism, « the best places on the planet will be among the destinations where even companies specialising in luxury have still never gone to, » says Phillipe Nazet, architect designer of amazing travels around the world.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to lunch in protected archaeological sites such as the sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia in Greece, in the ruins of Ephesus in Turkey or on the heights of Machu Picchu in Peru.

You can enjoy a cocktail in the heart of the Baobab forest in Madagascar; why not enjoy a massage in the of a buffalo herd in the state of Wyoming in the western United States, or live to the rhythm of elephants in Chiang Mai, one of the most famous Thai elephant farms. It is up to you to decide on the venue, the time, the number of people and the duration of your trip. Everything is custom, you, your family or your friends are free to choose this dream destination and create your own experience.

« We are in tune with the One to One experience. Where such provision meets the specific demands of each client. Everything can be privatized to a certain level, « says Phillipe Nazet.

With Travelodge you can even walk on land untouched by the human footprint, a profound encounter with an untamed nature.

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There is the possibility of unlimited combinations since the tents are customisable at will. Depending on your tastes and desires, you can choose the decoration and services. « Everything is taken care of even if the client wants more options. For example, the on-site catering can be made by one or more chefs. On the welfare side (body and mind), the client may have a masseur and even a spa. If the client wants to discover the traditions of the country in which they are located, a guide will be on hand. With Travelodge everything is possible, » says the architect designer of unusual trips.

Equipped with latest equipment, lodges do not lack originality and comfort. They account for all the innovative technologies of the moment. Totally self-manageable, each tent is equipped with photovoltaic panels to ensure perfect and natural energy autonomy, and a “geopure” shower which is fully regenerating and economic. The largest environmental lodge is mounted on small stilts to leave no trace of your stay. No damage can be caused. Everything is recycled. There is a growing need today to have more and more jewellery and to live in luxury; this tourism is part of a responsible ecology which listens to the planet.

And do not forget « the lodge remains exceptional, if combined with an exceptional venue, » says Phillipe Nazet.

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